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Congo: The Grand Inga Project [OV/OmU] (2013)

Originaltitel: Congo: The Grand Inga Project
Congo: The Grand Inga Project [OV/OmU] Bildquelle: Amazon Prime Video

The Inga rapids are the worlds highest volume rapids, 1.6 million cubic feet per second, thundering down the final pitch as the mighty Congo River empties into the ocean. For centuries explorers have tried to conquer these rapids, but none succeeded. Congo The Grand Inga Project chronicles legendary kayaker Steve Fisher and his elite expedition team as they battle seemingly insurmountable obstacles, navigate the maddening politics of a crooked ... (weiterlesen)country, and face their own worst fears in an attempt to be the first explorers ever to survive the Inga Rapids. This is a river like no other, and these rapids were a big step more difficult than we'd anticipated, says Fisher, recalling 20 foot breaking waves, deadly whirpools, and basketball court sized hydraulics. We may have survived these rapids, but somehow we feel more humbled than proud. With years of experience as athletes, explorers andcinematographers, Fisher and his team bring viewers inside this tight crew of paddlers and onto the rapids, while along the way meeting and surpassing the production value expected by todays audiences. In Congo, no effort is spared in telling the story of what really happens when you decide to take on the deadliest rapids on earth.

Textquelle: Amazon Prime Video


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