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Incident at Guilt Ridge (2020)

Incident at Guilt Ridge Bildquelle: Amazon Prime Video

Two rogue partners and best friends Dev and Jonas travel the southwest from job to job trying to score as much money as they can. Although Dev is more the intellectual romantic, Jonas’s unrefined and impulsive nature gets Dev into trouble time and time again. This time, Jonas arranges a meeting with a powerful mining company owner and assures Dev it will be a cake walk. The mysterious Mr. McDonald wants them to steal back what was rightfully ... (weiterlesen)his from the express and payroll office in the town of Guilt Ridge. Dev is reluctant at first, but Jonas persuades him by playing to his romantic side. This job could be the final score that would allow them both to settle down with their favorite women, Etta and Belle. But when they get to Guilt Ridge, they realize what was supposed to be easy pickings was way more than they bargained for. The two must fight for their lives to get the job doneand get out alive, preferably in one piece.

Textquelle: Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Stand: 25.07.2021
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Stand: 25.07.2021

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